Smart phones, multi-terabyte storage devices, Internet communications, texting, email, social media, employment boards, NSA telephone intercepts, and drone aircraft.  All are marks of a high technology society, yet all can be undone by the simple pen and paper. In 1839 Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote that “The pen is mightier than the sword.”  I would say that it is also mightier than any of the items listed above.  Let me illustrate with a true example that happened to me last week.   I was the last one in the office on Thursday evening and was preparing to leave when the operator’s line rang around 5:45 PM. “Thank you for calling Hallmark, Andrew Parker speaking, may I help you?” I answered.  “Hi” said a voice on the other side of the phone.  There was an extended pause.  Why that happens I will never know…..what are they waiting for me to say?.  “Hello”, I finally said.  “How can I help you?”  “Um………..yes………can I send you my resume,” said the voice.   “Absolutely,” I replied.  “How,” said my caller.  My mind raced through the possibilities of electronic transfer, fax, email, text, so I replied, “the best was is through email.  Let me give you the best email address.” “I don’t do email”, my caller insisted.  Now my mind was racing!  This could be exciting!  Did this caller have some inherent dislike of the Internet; distrust of NSA?  Had I found the last surviving dinosaur from another age?  Hurry……….tell me! “Well, you see that I have a computer, but it is still in the box.  My sister told me that she would come and set it up for me about 6 or 8 months ago, but she has been busy.”  “Ok,” I said, “let me give you our fax number.”  “Oh, that would never do,” replied the voice on the other line.  “It costs 25 cents per page to send it at the local store.”  Upon inquiry she told me that the local unemployment office was “too confusing” and that she had no friends who could send the resume for her. Remember that it was now close to 6 PM and I desperately wanted to go home.  Unkind thoughts ran through my head, not the least of which was “what do you want me to do………come out and pick up your resume?”  “Ok,” I replied, “how do you propose that you get it to us?”  “How about U.S. Mail,” she responded.  Now THAT is a novel idea.  I have not received a printed resume in more than 5 years.  Even if I got the resume by mail I would have to scan it into our computer system to make it useful to the people at Hallmark and our clients.  Nevertheless, and remembering that I had a warm supper waiting for me at home, I said, “great!  Let me give you our mailing address.”  “That would be good,” she pronounced. I skittled through the company name, address, city, state, and zip code before she informed me that “I have to get a pen.”  Imagine the long pause on my end as I counted to 10.  “Go ahead, I will wait,” I said.  “I’m baaack,” sang the voice on the other end.  “Oh goodie,” as thoughts of my dinner getting cold danced through my head.  “Let’s try again.”  Name, address, city, state, and zip code.  “Uhhhhhhmmmm I need to get some paper to write on, can you wait another minute,” she stated.  In all my years as a recruiter I do not remember getting closer to hanging up on a potential candidate or employee. “Sure, ma’am, but let’s hurry, I have to get home.” “Ok, I am ready,” she told me.  “Great!  Here we go, I thought.”  Name, address, city, state, zip code.”  “Sir,” she said, this pen is not working……….hang on!”  Another long pause while my blood pressure continued to rise.  How a person who is calling an employment agency planning on asking for information cannot have a pen and paper is beyond me! She finally found a working pen and paper.  I succeeded in getting the information to her and I made it to my family to join them in a tepid dinner. Friday was a snowy day and most of the Hallmark staff had contacted me to tell me that they were stuck at home.  However, as a good and dutiful manager, I slogged through the snow to ensure that someone was in the office to answer the phones and do whatever managers do when there is no staff to supervise.   At 9:30 AM the operator’s line rang and I recognized the voice!  “Hi,” said the voice.  “I think that I spoke with you last night.  I lost the piece of paper with your address………..” “Sorry ma’am,” I responded.  “We had a corporate meeting last night and passed a resolution that we will no longer be taking hard copy resumes by mail.”