1. Poor personal appearance, inappropriate dress for the situation
  2. Overbearing-over aggressive-obnoxious
  3. Too laid back- not talking during the interview
  4. Inability to express yourself clearly poor voice, diction or grammar
  5. Lack of planning for career-no purpose for the visit-no goals
  6. Lack of interest and enthusiasm-passive-indifferent. Lack of excitement in the career opportunity.
  7. Lack of confidence and poise, nervous, ill at ease
  8. Overemphasis on money and benefits
  9. Poor scholastic record without GOOD reason
  10. Unwilling to start at the bottom-expects too much too soon
  11. Makes excuses –evasiveness-hedges on unfavorable factors
  12. Lack of tact, maturity, or manners
  13. Condemnation of past schools, employers or personal/social situations.
  14. Marked dislike for learning, education or school
  15. Lack of vitality, indecision
  16. Failure to look the interviewer in the eye
  17. Limp, fishy handshake
  18. Loafing during vacation and weekend and off time.
  19. Unhappy married or home life
  20. Friction with parents or family
  21. Sloppy application blank
  22. Merely shopping around
  23. No sense of humor-or too much humor
  24. No direction in life-parents or family make decisions for them
  25. No interest in the organization or the industry
  26. Emphasis on who they know
  27. Unwillingness to work the required hours or in the required location
  28. Cynical, last, low moral standards
  29. Intolerant of people, ideas, change, etc
  30. Narrow interests
  31. Poor handling of personal finances-no money to get to interview
  32. No interest in the community or local news and activities
  33. Little or no knowledge of local or national events
  34. Inability to take criticisms
  35. Lack of appreciation of the value of the experience
  36. Radical or unsolicited evaluations and ideas
  37. Preconceived notions regarding the job or hiring practices of the organization
  38. Late to the interview WITHOUT A VERY, VERY, VERY VERY GOOD REASON!
  39. Failure to express appreciation for the interviewers time
  40. Asks no questions about the job or the organization
  41. Never heard of the organization
  42. High pressure, neurotic type of person
  43. Indefinite responses to questions
  44. ATTITUDE!!! REMEMBER-You are NOT doing your interviewer a favor by being there-SHE/HE IS DOING YOU THE FAVOR-no matter what your experience!